martes, 22 de abril de 2008


What I ate

Breackfast: Corn flakes mixed with granola and non fat milk.
Snack: Half package of soda crackers
Lunch: Rice with corn & ginger chicken
Snack: No carbs Fruity Jello
Dinner: The other half of the soda crackers with tuna.

I have to start eating some veggies! Today I drank more water than yesterday. I need to go to the supermarket.


Today i went for a walk again, this time i did it later because it was too hot. I visited the same park that i did yesterday, and it was again full of men staring, I could stand it a little more, so after my second lap, I decided to go away and find somewhere new to execise. So i did, I went to a park that is kind of far away from my house, but in this one is bigger, an there lots of people exercising, it's perfect, and now I can walk with out worring. When I got home I did 20 mins at the AbSwing again.

TV Diet

Well today wasn't as good as yesterday. I watched like 3 hours of tv, but not consecutive.

This is what i watched:

1 hour of "Are we there yet?" Movie, it was bad but kind of fun.
15 Channel surfing
35 mins. of CSI until I realised I had seen it before.
1 hour of "Dirty Sexy Money"

I didn't read anything.

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