lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

iTC Final 27/27

The day has come, is the end of the iCiNG Transformation Challenge.

I might not have done any drastic change, but i really did some, and I'm proud of that.

These are the things I accomplished:

* Getting back to exersercising. I didn't do it everyday like I was supouse to but I did it, and really well, sometimes I could go walking for 2 hours straight.

* Not eating that much junk food. At the first week I didn't have anythig at all.

* Giving up ice cream at night. OMG! I felt so proud, I love ice cream, and almost everytime I'm out shopping with my family we have some, and the day I said "no I don't want" that was incredible (lol).

* I also started doing full body moist, my skin feels and looks much better.

Some persons noticed the change, mostly the ones that doesn't see me that often, like my best friend's mom who told me I was slimmer, and the laundry lady that only come once a week.

Today I took my mesuraments againg, they changed, not much but some. I'm pretty sure that if I sticked to my goals, I would have acompliched so much.

The first week was the best, I did all I was supouse to but when the day passed I started to get tired, I even stop posting my updates in here.

Know I now I do can change and I'll continue until I reash my goal.

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